Change of Major & Transfer Students

Students listen to instruction from a professor in a simulation lab.

Ready for a Change?

We welcome current UConn students to apply for admittance into the School of Nursing, as well as transfer students from other institutions.

Change of Major Process for UConn Students

Current UConn students can apply to the School of Nursing from freshman through junior year. Applications are accepted through our online system between Nov. 1 and Feb. 1 for admission the following fall.

If accepted, the program requires three years to complete. Please note, even though you are a current student at UConn, you are not guaranteed admission into the School of Nursing. Decisions are based on several criteria, including the applicant’s academic record, courses taken, and space availability. Acceptance letters will be sent out via the Student Admin Portal prior to spring break.

Application Process for Transfer Students

All transfer students must meet the University’s undergraduate admission requirements and the prerequisites for the School of Nursing:

  • Three years of language
  • B or higher in all math and science courses (must have taken Chemistry and Biology)
  • 3.5 cumulative GPA

Transfer students must apply through UConn Transfer Admissions between November 1 and February 1. While completing your application, choose nursing as your first, intended major. If accepted, orientation for transfer students takes place each summer.

Transfer Course Equivalency Information can be found on the UConn Undergraduate Admissions website.