Grant Application Procedures

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Grant Proposal Submission Process

9-10 Weeks Prior to Sponsor Deadline

  • Pl reviews program announcement (RFP), guidelines, and completes Grant Initiation Form (below).
  • Pl assembles research team including subaward collaborators and continues proposal planning.
  • Pl requests mock review of proposal.
  • Pl meets with Biostatistician at least 4 weeks prior to mock review, unless Associate Dean of Research (ADR) approves a delay.

6-8 Weeks Prior to Sponsor Deadline

  • PI follows up with Biostatistician on study design. PI meets with ADR.
  • PI meets with Research Office (RO) to discuss budget, subawards, performance sites, key individuals and their roles.
  • RO provides checklist; PI reviews checklist.
  • RO & ADR schedule mock review.

4-5 Weeks Prior to Sponsor Deadline

  • Pl requests Letter of Support (LOS), biosketches, facilities from key Individuals, LOS from sites and supporters.
  • Pl provides draft research plan to reviewers. Mock review is held.
  • Pl establishes subaward administrative contact. RO requests subaward documents.
  • Pl discusses course buyout plan with Dean Chyun.

3 Weeks Prior to Sponsor Deadline

  • Pl provides relevance to public health statement, planned enrollment, assignment request form to RO.
  • Pl meets with RO to finalize budget, justification, and discuss progress.
  • Pl & RO request Internal Proposal Review (IPR) form signatures from key individuals and administrative approvals.
  • RO initiates sponsor application.

2 Weeks Prior to Sponsor Deadline

  • RO & Pl submit approved IPR, proposed budget and justification to SPS.
  • Pl provides final abstract, cover letter, facilities, resource-sharing plan, multi-Pl plan, equipment to RO.
  • PI provides final biosketches, LOS for all key individuals, required subaward documents to RO.
  • Pl provides final draft of research strategy for copy editing prior to submission.

1 Week Prior to Sponsor Deadline

  • PI sends final specific aims, research strategy, references cited, and clinical trials sections to RO.
  • PI and RO make final adjustments to budget and justification.
  • RO finalizes sponsor application.

2 Days Prior to Sponsor Deadline

  • PI and RO finalize sponsor application.
  • PI reviews final application in eRA Commons (if NIH).
  • Submit application to sponsor.
  • If NIH, PI to view final application in eRA Commons.

Grant Proposal Initiation Form

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