Research Projects & Awards

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Recent Projects and Grants

Federal Grants

Promoting Self-Management of Breast and Nipple Pain with Technology (PROMPT) in Breastfeeding Women

Pl: Lucas R56

Funding Agency: NIH

Community-Level Effects of Structural Racism on Women’s Circadian Rhythm Pattern and Health: supplement to Biological, Behavioral, and Genetic Mechanisms in the Intergenerational Transmission of Toxic Stress

Pl: Lucas R56

Funding Agency: NIH/NINR R00 Supplement

Stemming the opioid-induced pain cascade via cannabinoid modulation

Pl: Kinsey R21

Funding Agency: NIH

Integrative omics analysis of pain/stress impact on mitochondrial function and neurodevelopment in preterm infants

Pl: Eze

Funding Agency: NIH / NINR - F31

FQHC Intervention for CGM Uptake in Hispanic Adults with T1D

Pl: Newlin Lew

Funding Agency: NIH/NIDDK

Pediatric Recovery After Sepsis Treatment in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Pl: Perry

Funding Agency: NIH/NIGMS

Pediatric Recovery after sepsis treatment and single nucleotide polymorphism (Persistent-SNP)

Pl: Perry

Funding Agency: NIH/NHLBI PRIDE/University of Augusta R25

Decoding Age Differences in Emotional Well-being and Positivity through Everyday Natural Conversations

Pl: Shook

Funding Agency: NIH

Non-Federal Grants

Reported Penicillin Allergies in Children: Quantification of Impact and Promotion of Parent Project Title: Involvement in Management Decisions

Pl: Carter

Funding Agency: Patterson

Diabetes Learning in Virtual Environments (Live) Just in Time for Community reentry (JustICE)

Pl: Reagan

Funding Agency: ADA

Investigating the Effect of Social Determinants of Health and Intestinal Microbiome on Psychoneurological Symptoms among Patients on Immunotherapy

Pl: Yang

Funding Agency: Rockefeller University

Longitudinal relationships among gut mechanisms, social determinants of health, and psychoneurological symptoms in immunotherapy treatment


Funding Agency:

Impact of a multicomponent implementation strategy targeting perioperative nurses to improve the care of surgical patients reporting a penicillin allergy

Pl: Carter

Funding Agency: CCI Research Foundation

Pediatric Recovery after SepSIS Treatment in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PERSIST-PICU)

Pl: Perry

Funding Agency: American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) Impact Grant

NursEng Innovation Fellowship Program

Pl: Kelley

Funding Agency: VentureWell Faculty Grant: Course and Programs Grant

Early Intro to the Nursing Profession (EINP)

Pl: Perez Brescia

Funding Agency: CT Health Foundation