Support the Next Generation of UConn Nurses

The School of Nursing seeks to secure financial support in four crucial areas:

  1. Endowed Chairs and Professorships. Critical for any outstanding school, endowed chairs attract and retain faculty. They provide flexibility for innovative faculty research initiatives and attract internationally eminent scholars – academic leaders who can, in turn, attract other top researchers, teachers, and graduate students to the school.
  2. Endowed and Restricted Scholarships. Strong academic programs, aided by strong scholarship and fellowship support, are fundamental attributes of a top national public research university. High-achieving students typically receive scholarship offers from multiple sources outside the state. To recruit and retain them, the School must be able to compete academically and financially, or risk losing students to out-of-state schools, ultimately draining future leaders away from Connecticut’s workforce.
  3. Support for New and Existing Programs. This includes lectures, research seminars, and visiting scholars. Enriched programs offered outside the classroom and laboratory provide students with numerous educational opportunities that create an environment in which creativity and discovery lead to new levels of achievement.
  4. Grow the Nursing Traditions Fund. It is a priority to grow the size of the endowed Nursing Traditions Fund through additional generous gifts, to allow the School to cover the cost of stethoscopes and nursing pins for undergraduate students in perpetuity. Please contact the UConn Foundation if you are interested in making a leadership gift to this account. Please consider directing smaller annual gifts to the Stethoscope Fund for an immediate impact.

Planned Giving

The Charles Beach Society honors the many individuals who support the University through will, trust, retirement plan, and life insurance gifts. The Society also honors donors who make gifts that will enhance their or a loved one’s financial position, and ultimately support the School of Nursing’s initiatives. You can learn more on the Foundation’s Planned Giving website.

Memorial and Honor Donation

Many donors choose to honor a loved one with a gift to UConn in their name. Perhaps the gift is in memory of a grandmother who attended the School of Nursing or in honor of an inspirational professor. The Foundation’s Planned Giving website provides useful information to facilitate gifts made in someone’s honor or memory.

Our Donors

For additional information, or if you have questions about giving to the School of Nursing, contact:

Becky Salustri

Becky Salustri
Senior Director of Development, Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy

University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc.
2390 Alumni Drive U-3206
Storrs, CT 06269

Phone: 860-486-6851