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The Mu Chapter

In 1955, The University of Connecticut School of Nursing chartered Mu Chapter, the 11th chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, the Honor Society of Nursing. There are now over 400 chapters internationally, with 120,000 active members in 90 countries. Undergraduate and graduate students who meet requirements are invited to join.

Sigma Theta Tau International encourages scholarship and research in nursing. Local meetings are held during the year to encourage nurses to share their research with their colleagues. Mu chapter sends representatives to the annual regional, national and international conferences of Sigma Theta Tau international. In addition, outstanding research proposals are funded by monetary awards from the Mu Chapter and by Sigma Theta Tau International.


Headquarters: Sigma Theta Tau International, Indianapolis, IN

Region: Region 15, New England, New York, and part of Nova Scotia

The Sigma Theta Tau Key

The Sigma Theta Tau key is the symbol of scholarship. The cup denotes the satisfaction of professional life. The circle of gold with its six stars represents our six founders. The letters SQT – Sigma Theta Tau – represent our charge: Storga, Tharos, Tima – love, courage, and honor. The lamp is the lamp of knowledge. The jeweled key features amethyst stars representing the founders in a circle of pearls or diamonds. The organization’s colors are orchid and fuschia, and the flower is the orchid.

The Coat-of-Arms

The symbolism of the coat-of-arms is expressive of the ideals of the Honor Society. The eye represents wisdom and discernment. The stars are in recognition of our six founders. The scroll is that of learning and bears the Greek letters, Sigma Theta Tau: the first letters of the Greek words Storga, Tharos, Tima- meaning love, courage, honor. The pillars of stone at the right and the left denote service, professional endeavor and strength of leadership. The lamp represents the lamp of knowledge. The motto on the banner is Sigma Theta Tau, the name of this International Honor Society.

Eligibility Criteria

Please read below to see the eligibility criteria for undergraduate students, RN students, master’s students, doctoral students and nursing professionals/community leaders.

For previously inducted members now at other institutions, Dual Membership will allow continued connection with the Mu Chapter.

Undergraduate and CEIN BS Students

Completed half of the nursing curriculum;
Have a GPA of a least 3.0 (based on 4.0 grading scale);
Rank in the upper 35 percentile of graduating class.

RN Students

Completed 12 credit hours at current school;
Completed half of the nursing curriculum;
Have a GPA of at least 3.0 (based on a 4.0 grading scale);
Rank in the upper 35 percentile of graduating class.

MS Students

Completed a quarter of the nursing curriculum;
Have a GPA of a least 3.5 (based on 4.0 grading scale).

Doctoral Students

Completed a quarter of the nursing curriculum;
Have a GPA of a least 3.5 (based on 4.0 grading scale).

Nurse Leader Membership Application

Must be a registered nurse;
Hold at least a baccalaureate degree in nursing or other field;
Held a professional nursing license for a least five years;
Demonstrated marked achievement in nursing education, practice, research, administration, or publication.

Any questions, and the completed application PDF, should be forwarded to Dr. Valarie Artigas, Vice President of the Sigma Mu Chapter, at

Board Member Elections

The Mu Chapter is preparing for the election of Board members. We ask current chapter members to consider volunteering so the chapter can continue the tradition of identifying and developing nurse leaders for now and the future. We need your help to continue the vision and mission of Sigma Theta Tau International.

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the positions listed below beginning Sept. 1, 2022. Elections will be held in April. Please contact Leadership Succession Committee Chair Lynn Allchin at with any questions.

Vice President

Perform duties of the President in their absence, develop and maintain policies/procedures related to the Chapter, oversee planning of Chapter programs, chair committees (as necessary).

Faculty Counselor

We are looking for two Counselors, who must be UConn SON faculty members.

Review all grant applications to the Chapter, maintain current/accurate eligibility requirements on Mu Chapter SON website. Lead recruitment effort for new members (students/Community Leaders), organize induction ceremony (planning begins in August), and work with other Chapter members to ensure a smooth induction unfolds in November.

Governance Committee

Looking for three members.

Oversee Chapter bylaws compliance, collaborate with Faculty Counselors to promote Mu Chapter membership to potential candidates and assist with planning the induction ceremony.

Leadership Succession Committee

Looking for three members.

Recruit active Mu Chapter members for leadership roles within the Chapter, manage annual elections (April), ensure a smooth transition between outgoing and incoming officers (annual transition meeting).

Membership & Publicity Committee

Looking for one member.

Supports Faculty Counselors in developing induction ceremony and recruiting eligible new members, provides orientation materials to all new members, oversees promotion of membership renewal, serves as a webmaster for Mu Chapter social media.


Mu Chapter Executive Committee

Mu Chapter Governance Committee

Mu Chapter Leadership Succession Committee

Faculty Counselors

Faculty Counselor Emeritus

Convention Delegates

Sigma Theta Tau Mu Research Award

All Mu Chapter members are eligible to apply for an award of up to $1,000 to support research/clinical practice projects.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and evaluated 3 times per year (June 5, September 5, January 5). Up to 6 awards will be given annually.

Application form
Includes: Knowledgebases, the Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis in Nursing, and the Registry of Nursing Research, which includes both published and unpublished nursing research (Sigma Membership Number is needed for entry).

All applicants must complete the University and SON forms for allocation of funds prior to submitting an application to Sigma.