Student Organizations


School of Nursing Committees with Student Representation

There are standing committees in the SON and Ad Hoc committees that may be appointed by the Dean or elected by the School of Nursing faculty that invite student membership/participation.

Student Nurses Association (SNA)

Undergraduate Leadership Council
The Undergraduate Leadership Council meets twice per semester and is made up of the class officers, organizational officers, Nursing Learning Community representatives, and Mentoring program representatives.

Class Officers

Ryan Massicotte, President 2017
Gabriella Rubino, Vice President 2017
Katherine Riddel, Secretary 2017
Melissa Loehle, Treasurer 2017
C. Delaney & A. Maruca – Faculty Advisors

Julia Lisi, President 2018
Olivia Ackerson, Vice President 2018
Amy Aisenburg, Secretary 2018
Kristina Cain, Treasurer 2018
M. Judge & J. Kuhnly – Faculty Advisors

Steven Nalewajk, President 2019
Audrey Apanovitch, Vice President 2019
Justin Pedneault, Secretary 2019
Cathleen Le, Treasurer 2019
M. Dodge & R. Lucas – Faculty Advisors


The following SON committees invite student representation:

Curriculum and Courses (1 undergrad and 1 grad student)
ATHENA Conference Committee (1 undergrad and 1 grad student)
Honors Committee (1 undergrad student)
Recruitment and Selection Committee (1 undergrad and 1 grad student)


SON Senator Position is currently vacant.
Anyone wishing to run should contact the USG Office.

University Groups with Student Representation

Pinning Ceremony
Advisory/Ambassadors Council

Undergraduate Student Government (USG)
Student Government has been a part of the University Community since 1894. USG exists to represent and advocate for undergraduate students, oversee student fee revenue, and enhance the general University of Connecticut Community.

Graduate Student Council
This is an organization run by graduate students for graduate students. The Council is composed of representatives from the various fields of study offered by the University. The executive board of the Council is chosen from and elected by the representatives. The Council’s activities can be classified in three areas: social, service, and political. The Council also operates an interest-free emergency loan fund available to all graduate students. The duration of the loan is 60 days, and the maximum limit is $200. For more information on the Council’s activities refer to the University of Connecticut Graduate Students’ Handbook. Students wishing to represent the School of Nursing on the Council should contract a member of the Executive Board.

The Council’s Administrative Office is located in Room 318 of the Whetten Graduate Center. Copies of the Handbook and information on the loan fund can be obtained at this office. The phone number is 486-3709. The Council Chambers and Executive Board Office are located in room 201 of the Graduate Center.

Graduate Student Senate (GSS)
As one of the five deliberative bodies at this University, the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is the sole body charged with the representation of graduate students on issues concerning the university’s community and administration.

School of Nursing Honors Program
The purpose of the Honors Program is to encourage and support the beginning development of scholarship in undergraduate nursing students. Honor students conduct a research study while working closely with their faculty advisor. This experience provides them with an opportunity to critically examine a phenomenon of interest to them.

Actively participating in the research process not only enhances students’ nursing practice, but also lays the foundation for future graduate studies. The honors students usually disseminate their findings through such mechanisms as professional presentations and manuscript publication. The Honors Program sponsors a number of events and opportunities throughout the academic year to broaden students’ undergraduate experience.

For information on Honors opportunities at the University of Connecticut visit their website. For questions or comments about the School of Nursing Honors Program contact: professor Deborah McDonald PhD, RN or visit the SON Honors Program online.

Honor Society
The UConn School of Nursing chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, Mu Chapter, sponsors several events each year that enrich the student experience by presenting programs focusing on scholarship and research in nursing.