Staff Directory

List of People
Staff_Constance_BedanConstance BedanFiscal Manager
Office of Financial Management
Staff_Elise_BennettElise BennettGrants and Contracts Specialist
Center for Nursing Scholarship
Staff_Pamela_CartledgePamela CartledgeEnrollment Services Coordinator
Office of Admission and Enrollment Services
Staff_Jill_FinleyJill FinleyFinancial Assistance
Office of Financial Management
Staff_Amelia_HinchliffeAmelia HinchliffeExecutive Assistant
Contracts and Compliance
Leslie LapointeField Coordinator
Clinical Coordination Services
Christine LoweAdministrative Services Specialist
Faculty Support Services
Staff_Joyce_McSweeneyJoyce McSweeneyAssistant to the Dean for Accredidation
Evaluation and Continuing Education
Staff_Dorine_NagyDorine NagyPreceptor Support Services
Contracts and Compliance
Madeline RahmyAlumni Relations
UConn Foundation
Staff_Catherine_SalaiCatherine SalaiExecutive Assistant
Office of the Dean
Staff_Lisa_SoderLisa SoderEvents Coordinator
Office of the Dean
Heather SpottiswoodeAdmissions and Recruitment Coordinator
Office of Admission and Enrollment Services
Staff_Gabriel_StalnakerGabriel StalnakerSimulation Lab Manager and IT Facilitator
School of Nursing
John TyczkowskiPublicity and Marketing Coordinator
Office of the Dean
Staff_Judith_ChestnutJudith VigneauAdministrative Services Specialist
Office of the Dean