In Memoriam

Roses to honor our faculty members who have passed.

We commemorate the lives of the faculty who taught with us in the School of Nursing, but who have passed on. This is an ongoing tribute to their contributions at the School.

Immaculata Mackie Alba

Georgette Brochu
Assistant Professor

Dorothy Coburn
MS, RN, Associate Professor

Carol Daisy

Josephine Dolan
Professor Emerita

Arlene Della Donna
Professor Emerita

Elaine M. Geissler
Retired Associate Professor

Laura Govoni

Eleanor Krohn Herrmann
Professor Emerita School of Nursing
Curator of the Josephine Dolan Collection

Kate Hyder

Elizabeth B. Laliberte
Assistant Professor Emerita

Sheila A. Packard
Associate Professor

Helen T. Watson
Associate Professor Emerita

Marguerite B. White
Professor and Associate Dean