Welcome Freshmen!

We at UConn School of Nursing would like to be the first to welcome our incoming freshman class.

You have begun a special journey in a special place, one that will last four years (or longer if you choose to enter our graduate program) and where your fellow students, faculty and staff care about your success. Please think of this place as your second home and of us as your second family.

Then, give yourself a little time to adjust, because in no time at all, you’ll catch yourself saying, “I’m going to head home… to my room.” Embrace this feeling, because, although you feel like a new and inexperienced student today, you have become a Husky Forever!


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Freshman Nursing Class of 2020


“I chose UConn to study nursing because of its reputation and the opportunities I was sure it would present me with. I was impressed with the cutting edge technology, especially the simulation labs. I became confident that the university had the resources needed to give me the experience every nurse needs. Already my experiences in the UConn School of Nursing have exceeded my expectations and instilled in me a passion for nursing.”

Rosemary Bythrow, Class of 2018

Parent/Guardian Newsletter

The School of Nursing produces an electronic newsletter especially for parents and guardians. Parents/Guardians will automatically begin receiving the newsletter in October. To ensure you receive your copy, submit your email contact information to barbara.slater@uconn.edu.

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