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UConn Health, the Department of Nursing and
UConn School of Nursing Partnership.

Our history with UConn Health includes joint research, serving on committees
and working together to provide quality nursing education and patient care.




Consistent with the School of Nursing’s strategic plan, partnerships with healthcare agencies are critical. One example of a partnership is the Associate Vice President for Nursing Research at John Dempsey Hospital. Robin Froman, PhD, RN, fills this position. She is a retiree from the UConn SON and a former Dean and Professor at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio’s School of Nursing. She has served as editor for Nursing Clinic of North America, hHONRS Scholarship Newsletter, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and Center Chronicle, University of Connecticut School of Nursing. Dr. Froman is a national leader in research. The position, created in 2015, supports nursing research and inquiry at the hospital, with particular attention to studies to improve patient care and clinical outcomes. Froman provides leadership to the active Nursing Research Council (NRC) including staff nurses, APRNs and representatives from nursing administration. An active and effective NRC is critical to the shared governance model in nursing. She assists with strategic planning for use and distribution of nursing resources and skills for scientific inquiry and initiation of efforts to advance staff nurse preparation to ask and answer meaningful questions related to the practice of nursing and delivery of excellent nursing care. These activities include guiding individual nurses through the process of implementing quality assurance, performance improvement and research studies. She assists with the entire inquiry process, from forming a question to design, implementation, analysis and interpretation for nursing projects.

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