Change of Major and Transfer Undergraduate Students

Professor and students discussing School of Nursing with brochures and pamphlets

Change of Major for UConn Students

Our new online system for change of major students is now live!

Applications are accepted between Nov. 1 and Feb. 1.

  • Change of Major for UConn Students can apply for admission into the School of Nursing from freshman through junior year
  • If accepted, the program requires at least three years to complete
  • Please note that while you are a current student at the University of Connecticut, you are not guaranteed admission into the School of Nursing
  • Acceptance Letters will be sent before spring break

Additional Information

  • Students in other majors may enroll in NURS 1130, Health Care Delivery System, or NURS 1131, Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing, provided space is available. Please contact 860-486-1968 for more information.
  • Interested change of major students are encouraged to attend Change of Major Program Information Sessions
  • Students can follow the School of Nursing curriculum plan when planning their course schedule

Transfer Students

  • All transfer students must meet the University undergraduate admission requirements and the prerequisites for the School of Nursing
  • All transfer students seeking admission must apply through UConn Transfer Admissions. While completing your application, please choose nursing as your first, intended major.
  • Transfer Course Equivalency Information
  • Orientation for Transfer Students takes place each summer

Admissions Requirements

  • 3 years of language
  • Physics in high school or PHYS 1010 at the University of Connecticut; students may elect to take PHYS 111 at a local community college as well
  • B or higher in all math and science courses (must have taken Chemistry and Biology)
  • 3.5 CGPA
  • Applications are accepted between Nov. 1 and Feb. 1.