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Nursing students pose for a photo while studying aboard in Ireland.

The Experiential Global Learning Program is suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Program Information

The School of Nursing Experiential Global Learning program is not only an educational journey, but a personal one too. We ensure students are immersed in quality nursing clinical experiences and didactic education, while still exposing them to another culture’s language, values, health care resources, and dramatically different patterns of major disease rates and poverty. Much of the learning takes place in unexpected and unplanned ways. Every student’s experience is different but one that unifies them.

The School of Nursing supports our global learning programs by sending faculty with students on each trip. Content area specialists are sent to each location and support the students inside clinical, inside the classroom, and on cultural excursions.

Our students return changed, matured with new perspectives on life after being immersed in places where they found themselves reevaluating their own values and beliefs. A few moments abroad, and our students are forever changed.

Experiential Global Learning Opportunities

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan Education abroad

Adult Acute Care/Psychiatric Nursing (Faculty-led, full semester)

Puerto Rico Blog

Dublin, Ireland

Summer Applied Research for Nursing Practice at University College Dublin, Ireland (Direct Enroll)

Ireland Program

Ghent, Belgium

Belgium education abroad

UConn Chronic and End-of-Life in Belgium (Faculty-led)

Belgium Program


Please visit the UConn Experiential Global Learning website for application deadlines.

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Michelle Cole - DNP, MSN, RN, CPN
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