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The School of Nursing Education Abroad Program is not only an educational journey, but a personal one too. We ensure students are immersed in quality nursing clinical experiences and didactic education, while still exposing them to another culture’s language, values, health care resources, and dramatically different patterns of major disease rates and poverty. Much of the learning takes place in unexpected and unplanned ways.

Every student’s experience is different but one that unifies them. Students create a storehouse of memories, from a moment with the Puerto Rican police salsa bands singing and dancing in the hospital’s main lobby, to a moment in the South African heart transplant museum where the first heart transplant was performed 41 years ago.

The School of Nursing supports our education abroad/away programs by sending faculty with students on each trip. Content area specialists are sent to each location and support the students inside clinical, inside the classroom, and on cultural excursions.

Our students return changed, matured with new perspectives on life after being immersed in places where they found themselves reevaluating their own values and beliefs. A few moments abroad, and our students are forever changed.

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Education Abroad Opportunities and Blogs

Read about the experience of Jordan D’Angelo ’17 at the 2016 Universitas21 Health Sciences Summer School at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, Chile:

Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa
Maternity/Pediatric Nursing for full semester

Cape Town Program
Cape Town Blog
Cape Town 2014 Video by Lauren McKulla

Video from Jerrol Mitchell’s Cape Town Experience



Dublin, Ireland
Nursing research/Evidence based practice

Ireland Program
Ireland Blog

Video from Taylor Meegan’s Dublin Experience

StudyAbroad_SanJuanSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Adult Acute Care/Psychiatric Nursing for full semester Puerto Rico Program
Puerto Rico Blog
End-of-Life Care Belgium Program
Belgium Blog
StudyAbroad_BeijingBeijing, China
Cultural/Alternative medicines and ethics Beijing Program
Beijing Blog

Experiences Abroad

“I came here with the impression that I was going to help people; I wasn’t sure who those people were or how I was going to help them. But it turns out that the people that I thought was going to help, were the ones helping me. I’ve developed into a more holistic, culturally aware, and dynamic nurse because of my experiences with them and I’m grateful for that.”

Jerrol Mitchell ’14 (Cape Town, South Africa experience)

“Never in my entire academic career have I been as challenged as I have been here in South Africa. Challenged not only to do my best and put my all into the tasks set before me, but more importantly to let the full exposure of this experience truly change me. It has driven me outside of my comfort zone and caused me to examine the scope of nursing at its very root: a profession of grace, learning, and most importantly – caring beyond your own means.”

Madeline Hammell ’14

“Studying abroad at UCD this summer was by far one of the most amazing experiences of my undergraduate education. My time in Ireland broadened my perspective of healthcare implementation; providing a new approach to nursing education and application, along with a comparison to our healthcare system here in the United States.”

Samantha Herlihy ’15

“Semester Abroad is one of the most exciting educational experiences a student can enjoy. A cultural immersion combined with a unique clinical opportunity in a beautiful island setting await nursing students from the University of Connecticut…The excursions afford a plethora of experiences from art museums and historic forts to the exotic rain forests.”

Mimi Wright, Clinical Faculty Member

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