Healthcare Innovation Program

In 2013, the School of Nursing launched Healthcare Innovations, a unique pilot program to educate a new generation of nurses to apply creativity and entrepreneurial thinking to healthcare challenges. Through the senior-level Nursing Leadership course, students are collaborating in small groups in which they identify a health care problem or deficiency, research a solution or improvement, identify customers, and potential obstacles. The project culminates with students presenting proposals in a ‘Shark Tank’ forum, judged on the basis of creativity, marketability and enhanced patient outcomes. During the past two years, 200 students created 30 innovative processes and products.

The demands of health care are calling for a new generation of thinkers who want to be agents of care innovation – a skill set typically gained after experience in the field or through post graduate and advanced education. We are planning to incorporate the concept of entrepreneurial thought and initiative throughout the 4-year nursing curriculum. UConn nurses will not only be trained as leaders in the delivery of healthcare, but empowered to be leaders for change by being prepared to contribute as innovators in their work environments when they begin their careers.

Learn more about our Innovation “Shark Tank” Event [link].

Our Innovation Video on right includes segments from: Regina Cusson; Alumna, program coordinator and judge Christine Meehan; NERAC President and judge Kevin Bouley; and recent SON graduate Elizabeth Schilling.

The School of Nursing belongs to UConn’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consortium, a coalition of UConn programs, initiatives, activities, funding, and courses dedicated to helping ideas succeed. Please visit for more information. [link]