PhD Graduates – Reagan

Louise Reagan, PhD
Spring 2014

“Building a Foundation for Diabetes Clinical Behavioral Research with Incarcerated Persons”

Diabetes is a burgeoning problem for the correctional setting and for incarcerated persons with diabetes. Good glycemic control is effective for reducing diabetes related morbidity and mortality. Patient education tailored to demographic, cognitive, psychosocial, cultural and behavioral factors is integral to achieving glycemic control. White there is abundant research in the community describing how these factors influence glycemic control, research of this nature in the incarcerated diabetic population is nonexistent. Low health literacy, varied health beliefs (Illness Representation of personal model of diabetes), constrained self-care behaviors, and ethnic diversity are key issues in the correctional setting. Any one or all of these factors could affect glycemic control. The purpose of this exploratory descriptive research is to examine the relationship between glycemic control and illness representation, diabetes knowledge and self care behavior. A sample of 125 participants will be sought. Data will be analyzed using descriptive statistics and multivariate analysis. Outcomes of this investigation will serve as a foundation of the d development of evidence based and cost effective interventions for diabetes management within the correctional setting.