PhD Graduates – Molloy

Bonnie Molloy, PhD
Fall 2010

“A Preventive Intervention for Rising Intraocular Pressure: Development of an Observation Scale”

There is increasing interest in monitoring intraocular pressure (IOP) during surgery in steep Trendelenburg (ST) position with cited incidents of postoperative visual loss (POVL). Measuring IOP intraoperatively requires costly tonometers and credentialed personnel. The aim of this study was to link gold standard IOP tonometry measurements to an observation scale enabling caregivers to determine when to institute neuroprotective measures to optimize ocular perfusion. Intervals of supine intervention were proven to minimize the impact of lengthy ST positioning on increasing IOP. The Molloy / BAA Observation Scale (MBOS) was developed and tested to provide anesthesia caregivers with a valid, reliable, brief and easy to use observation scale correlated to increases in IOP. Observed findings of chemosis and baseline IOP can provide the anesthesia caregiver with a probability scale of when critical threshold > 40 mmHg may be reached. Caregivers can observe findings and utilize MBOS to assess the need and timing for interventions to normalize IOP.

Pictured above (from left to right):
Dr. Charles Watson, Dr. Regina Cusson, Dr. Bonnie Molloy, Dr. Deborah McDonald, and Dr. Stephen Walsh