Mark Lazenby - Ph.D., APRN, FAPOS, FAAN


Associate Dean for Faculty and Student Affairs

School of Nursing

Mark Lazenby became a nurse during his career as a professional philosopher (Ph.D., Boston University) because he witnessed that nurses did not turn away from his loved ones who needed care when other healthcare professionals did. He has devoted his nursing career to developing culturally and spiritually sensitive palliative care interventions in Botswana, Jordan, and the United States; research on cancer-related distress; and to being a thought leader on the profession’s significance in contemporary times. His Caring Matters Most: The Ethical Significance of Nursing and Toward a Better World: The Social Significance of Nursing are published by Oxford University Press. Bloomsbury Press published his philosophical work, The Early Wittgenstein on Religion. Lazenby received his MSN from the Yale University School of Nursing, where he was on the faculty for more than nine years.


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