Nursing Athletes


What happens when two separate worlds collide?

Our nursing program is rigorous, requiring determination, motivation, and an intensive time-commitment. When pairing that with a Division One sport, which requires countless hours of training on and off the field, it seems difficult to find the balance between these two demanding schedules. Yet, that doesn’t stop our UConn Nursing Athletes, who are champions and team players both on the field and in the classroom.

Stamford, CT

Athletic Interest: Field Hockey
GPA: 3.985

Ashley Rich is the recipient of the Elite 90 award for the 2017 NCAA Division 1 Field Hockey Championship. She was the first UConn field hockey player to win this award and the second UConn Husky.

"My success in the classroom can really be attributed to my COMMITMENT TO PRODUCTIVITY which is something I also try to apply to my athletic endeavors. I end up using a lot of my free time to either study for exams or get in an extra workout to stay in optimal shape during the season since nursing would often conflict with our team's strength and conditioning sessions"

Nesconset, New York

Athletic Interest: Cheerleading, Captain; and Dance Company
Career Interest: Labor and Delivery

"ORGANIZATION is key when it comes to my very busy schedule! I love to make lists of things I have to do and feel relieved when I cross things off. When it comes to tournament time, I am travelling all over the country with the men and women’s basketball teams…I must complete class work on the road and reschedule exams with my very understanding professors."

Granby, CT

Athletic Interest: Rowing
Career Interest: Traveling Nurse

"The key is to get work and studying done little by little whenever you have a chance, and to always keep really good COMMUNICATION between yourself, your coaches, and your clinical instructor."

Cheshire, CT

Athletic Interest: Ice Hockey, Center
Career Interest: Pediatrics or Maternity

"I try to schedule my days and leave time for work and studying after classes, practice, and life. I try to get most of my work done ahead of time on the weekends when I have a little more free time. Some days you have to stay up late or wake up early to get what you need to get done, done. It’s a lot of work but I’ve definitely learned better TIME MANAGEMENT."

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Athletic Interest: Ice Hockey, Forward
Career Interest: Nurse Practitioner

"DISCIPLINE is key for time management as a student-athlete. You don’t have much time at the end of the day after school and hockey, therefore that “free time” must be spent doing assignments/studying but also getting enough sleep to be able to function at a high level in the classroom and on the ice the next day. We are constantly on the go 7 days a week, except maybe once in a while we get a snow day. If you don’t practice well, you won’t play. If you don’t perform well in class, you fail. It’s a constant need for balance between the two, and then try to throw some social life in there too."