Faculty: Newlin Lew

Kelley Newlin-Lew

Kelley Newlin Lew

Associate Professor

P: (860) 486-5537
University of Connecticut
School of Nursing
Storrs Hall, Room 214
231 Glenbrook Rd. U-4026
Storrs, CT 06269

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Diabetes self-management
Spirituality, religion, and health
Community-based participatory research
Translational research


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Sadler L, Newlin K, Spruill I, Jenkins C. Beyond the medical model: interdisciplinary  programs of community-based health research. Clinical translational science. 4(4):285-97,  2011.

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Book Chapters

Melkus GD, Newlin K. (2009). Cultural considerations in diabetes care. In Childs B, Spollett, Cypress (Eds.), Nursing care of persons with diabetes. 2nd edition. (pp. 246-264).Alexandria, VA, American Diabetes Association.

Melkus GD, Newlin K. (2005). Cultural context of diabetes education and care. In Childs, B., Cypress, M., & Spollett, G. (Eds.), Complete nurse’s guide to diabetes  care (pp. 207-219). Alexandria, Virginia: American Diabetes Association.

Other Peer-Reviewed Publications

Newlin K, Arbuah N, Sewer O, Burgess T, Melkus, GD. Translating evidence-based diabetes prevention and self-management education into a faith-based setting. Clinical translational science. 4(2): P54, 2011.

Newlin K, Melkus GD., Mclean Y, Dekker T, Wick A, Chyun D. Nicaraguan Creole and Miskito adults with or at-risk for type 2 diabetes: exploration of quality of life,A1c, and receipt of diabetes-related education/advice. Diabetes. 59(Suppl. 1): A282-A283, 2010.

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Eastern Nursing Research Society, Rising Star Nurse Scientist Award, 2012

Attendee Consultation, Peer Support Programmes in Diabetes, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, 2007

FAU College of Nursing, Distinguished Alumna Award, 2006

Yale University, Yale Alumni Scholarship Award, 2000

American Legion, American Legion Scholarship, 2000

FAU College of Nursing, Clinical Excellence Award, 1997

FAU College of Nursing, University Scholar Award, 1996

Research Funding

Newlin (PI), Chyun, Deborah (co-PI) 2012 New York University Research Challenge Fund. Myocardial and Stroke Prevention in Nicaragua. Total Award: $11,000

Newlin (PI) 2011-2012. Fan Fox and Leslie Samuels Foundation Healthy Aging Award. An Innovative Model of  Diabetes Self-Management Education. Training to Improve Access, Availability, & Quality of Diabetes Care for Older Adults. Total Award: $130,787 (2011-2014)

Newlin (PI) 2010-2011. NIH Clinical Translational Science KL2 Award, UL1RR029893. Translating the Diabetes Prevention Program and Diabetes. Self-Management Education into a Black American Faith-Based Setting. Total Award: $268,250.

Newlin (PI) 2010-1011. New York University Global Health Challenge Grant. Phase 3: Church-Based Diabetes Education in Nicaragua. Total Award: $15,000

Newlin (PI) 2006-2009. NIH/NINR Individual Postdoctoral National Research Service Award, F32 NR010043. Faith Communities and Black American Women with Type 2 Diabetes.Phases 1 and 2: Church-Based Diabetes Education in Nicaragua. Total Award:  $160,287

Newlin (PI) 2002-2006 . NIH/NINR Individual Predoctoral National Research Service Award, F31 NR008190. Spirituality and Health Factors in Women with Diabetes. Total Award: $123,433.