Faculty: Long

Thomas L. Long

Thomas Lawrence Long

Director, Nursing Learning Community

P: (860) 486.5794
University of Connecticut
School of Nursing
Storrs Hall, Room 313B
231 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4026
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4026

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Medical humanities and health studies
History of nursing
AIDS and culture
Rhetoric and academic writing and publishing
Technical and professional communication

Selected Publications

Long, T. L., & Beck, C. T. (2017). Writing in nursing: A brief guide. New York: Oxford University Press.

Long, T. L. (2016). The midwife’s calling: Martha Ballard’s diary and the empire of medical knowledge in the Early Republic. In M. M. Balkun & S. C. Imbarrato (Eds.), Women’s narratives of the early Americas and the formation of empire (pp. 77-91). Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

Long, T. (2016). Revising The Revelation: Early modern appropriations of medieval apocalypticism. In M. A. Ryan (Ed.), A companion to the premodern apocalypse (pp. 378-425). Leiden, NLD: Brill.

Long, T. L. (2014). James Sheridan Knowles’s gift album to Jemma Haigh: A glimpse of Victorian social networks and cultural practices.” Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film, 40(2), 125-132. doi:10.7227/NCTF.40.2.4

Long, T. L. (2013). A plague on both your houses of worship: The meanings of epidemic disease in William Byrd II and Cotton Mather. Literature & Medicine, 31, 1-16. doi: 10.1353/lm.2013.0003

Long, T. L. (2013). Tales of plagues and carnivals: Samuel R. Delany, AIDS and the grammar of dissent. Journal of Medical Humanities, 34(2), 213-226. doi: 10.1007/s10912-013-9209-9

Long, T. L. (2013). Nurses and nursing in literary and cultural studies. In P. D’Antonio, J. A. Fairman, & J. C. Whelan (Eds.), Routledge handbook on the global history of nursing (pp. 37-54). New York: Routledge.

Long, T. L., Breitkreuz, K. R., Diaz, D. A., McNulty, J. J., Engler, A. J., Polifroni, C., & Telford, J. C. (2012). Competence and care: Signature pedagogies in nursing education. In N. L. Chick, A. Haynie, & R. A. R. Gurung (Eds.). Exploring more signature pedagogies: Approaches to teaching disciplinary habits of mind(pp. 171-187). Sterling, VA, Stylus Publishing.

Telford, J. C., & Long, T. L. (2012). Gendered spaces, gendered pages: Union women in Civil War nurse narratives. Medical Humanities, 38(2), 97-105. doi:10.1136/medhum-2012-010195

Long, T. L. (2012). The mark of the beast is the glory of the pariah: AIDS apocalypticism of Diamanda Galás and David Wojnarowicz. LIT: Literature, Interpretation, Theory, 23, 226-245. doi:10.1080/10436928.2012.703596/li>

Long, T. L. (2011). In media res: Browsing, grazing, and the Googleizing of scholarly knowledge. Journal of Scholarly Publishing 42(3), 359-369.

Li, Z., & Long, T. L. (Eds.). (2010). The meaning management challenge: Making sense of health, illness and disease. Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Long, T. L. (2010). AIDS and the paradigms of dissent. In Z. Li, & T. L. Long (Eds.), The meaning management challenge: Making sense of health, illness and disease (pp. 147-157). Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Long, T. L. (2005). AIDS and American apocalypticism: The cultural semiotics of an epidemic. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. [Reviewed by: E. Runions, (2010), GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 16(1-2), 297-307; S. E. Henking, (2008), Religious Studies Review, 34(3), 129-135; C. Rouse, (2007), Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 75(2), 480-481; S. Graham, (2007), Journal of American Studies, 41(1), 221-222; J. Fisher, (2007), Theatre Journal, 59(1), 152-153; J. Gartner, (2006), Social History of Medicine, 19(2), 349-350.]

Professional Activities

Associate editor, Literature & Medicine

Editor, NursingWriting.com

Executive committee, Medical Humanities and Health Studies Forum, Modern Language Association

Editor, Newsletter of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals

Editor, NursingWriting Blog


Academia Profile
Affiliate in Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies
Professional Writing Coach & Editor: NursingWriting.com
Secretary/Treasurer, Council of Editors of Learned Journals: celj.org
Editor, Literature, Medicine, & Medical Humanities: An MLA Commons site