Certificate Entry Into Nursing (CEIN/BS)


About the CEIN/BS Program

All CEIN/BS program graduates receive a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, in addition to a post-baccalaureate certificate.

To more accurately reflect the one year accelerated nursing program for college graduates, we have changed our name to CEIN/BS. The new name showcases the fact that, while earning a certificate in nursing, graduates are also eligible to earn a second bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The CEIN/BS program is offered on four UConn campuses …Avery Point, Stamford, Storrs and Waterbury!

Purpose and Program Objectives

The CEIN/BS program is designed to:

  • provide an opportunity to be a Registered Nurse (RN) in an efficient and focused manner for those with a bachelor’s degree in another field,
  • recognize achievement and previously earned credits,
  • ease the nursing shortage.

Accelerated Pre-Licensure

The CEIN/BS program is designed for those with a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field. Upon the successful completion of the one-year CEIN/BS program, the student is awarded a bachelor’s degree in nursing, in addition to the post-baccalaureate certificate and is eligible to take the NCLEX (the RN license exam).


Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
    (with undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better)


  • Required science courses:
    B or better grades in each (a B- or below is not accepted); also these courses must be taken within eight years of enrollment
    Anatomy and Physiology, I and II, with labs
    : 8 credits
    (PNB 2264 & 2265 or equivalent; CT Community College BIO 211 & 212)
    Chemistry with a lab
    : 4 credits
    (CHEM 1122 or equivalent; CT Community College CHEM 111, 121, OR 122)
    : 3 credits
    (BIO 1107 or equivalent; CT Community College BIO 121)
    : 3 – 4 credits
    (MCB 2610 or equivalent; CT Community College BIO 235)
    Genetics: 3 – 4 credits (within 5 years of enrollment)
    B or better grades in each (a B- or below is not accepted)
    (MCB 2400, 2410 or equivalent; CT Community College BIO 260)


  • Undergraduate Statistics Course
    Must be taken within eight years of enrollment
    (STAT 1000Q, 1100Q, or equivalent; CT Community College MATH 167)
    grade of C or better (a C- is not accepted)


  • Application Review
    An application review will be completed to establish competency in the sciences and other indicators of potential for success in the program.

Additional requirements for foreign-born or -educated applicants:

A TOEFL (IBT) exam is required if you were born or educated outside of the United States of America. Permanent residents of the United States who attended English speaking US schools beginning in the 9th grade are waived from this requirement. Applicants born in the following countries are also waived from this requirement: Australia, Canada (except Quebec Province), New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States.

Passing TOEFL scores are as follows:

A total score of 92 with the following breakdown: a minimum of 26 in both the listening and speaking sections and a minimum of 20 in both the reading and writing sections. Please have an official copy of your scores sent to the School of Nursing at the address below. These scores need to be submitted before your application can be reviewed.

The TOEFL exam must be taken within 2 years of the date of application.

Evaluation of Foreign Transcripts

All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a NACES accredited agency to determine United States equivalencies for degrees and diplomas earned abroad.

VA Education Benefits:

CEIN has been approved for VA education benefits, retroactive to January 2010.

Application Process

Applications are submitted via NursingCAS, the centralized application service for nursing. Visit www.nursingcas.org to start your application or log into an existing account. Visit the Programs List page to add the University of Connecticut and complete the steps to fill out your application. Instructions and supportare available to applicants. Start your application several months before a deadline date to allow time for references and transcripts to be submitted.

Completed applications are reviewed three times annually by the CEIN Admissions Committee.
Application review deadlines are February 17, June 1 and August 1.
Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed the next application deadline date.Application Fee:
NursingCAS charges a $45.00 fee to use the service to apply to the CEIN program. And the School of Nursing will require a separate, additional application fee of $75 made payable to the School of Nursing that needs to be processed before your application can be reviewed. Please mail your UConn School of Nursing application fee to:CEIN Admissions and Enrollment Services
The UConn School of Nursing
231 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4026
Storrs, CT 06269-4026Cost:
The fees for 2018 for the three semester CEIN program are $34,650 not including uniforms, equipment, transportation, university fees and books.

A non-refundable fee of $1,000 is due upon acceptance into the CEIN program. This fee will be applied to the first semester’s tuition.

This Nursing Program Deposit Instructions document explains how to pay your $1,000 Nursing Program Deposit.

Supporting Documents:
Official transcripts from all institutions of higher learning showing evidence of prior degrees, and other courses completed must be sent directly to NursingCAS for processing. Request transcripts to be mailed from the issuing institution’s registrar’s office to NursingCAS at the following address:NursingCAS Transcript Processing
PO Box 9201
Watertown, MA 02471Electronic transcripts sent via Parchment or Credential Solutions only are also acceptable. See more transcript instructions.Current curriculum vitae/resume – upload via the Program Materials section under the Documents tab

Social security number is required to matriculate students in the CEIN/BS program.

Three letters of reference that address your background, perseverance, potential for academic success, potential as a nurse, and ability to successfully work independently and in groups. Request references to be electronically submitted on your behalf by visiting the Program Materials section and navigating to the References tab.

TOEFL scores, if applicable. You can use the code #B506 to have official TOEFL scores sent to NursingCAS.

If you have any outstanding prerequisite course grades when applying, upload proof of course enrollment with your CAS application, and update with the official transcript when the course is completed. All outstanding prerequisites must be completed before the start of the program.


Requirements prior to beginning coursework:

  • Certification in CPR as professional rescuer (Qualifying courses include adult/child/infant one and two man rescuer which must use AED and requires skills demonstration)
  • Health of Students: In addition to pre-entrance University requirements, students admitted to the School of Nursing must present evidence of the following 3 months prior to start of program:
    Tdap immunization within the past ten years;
    One poliomyelitis booster following initial immunizations;
    Flu vaccination;
    Physical examination;
    Two step tuberculosis testing (with chest x-ray for positive reactors) OR IGRA/BAMT blood test;
    Titers showing positive immunity (IgG) to:
    Rubeola (Measles),
    Hepatitis B titers,
    and any other tests required by affiliating agencies.
    Students must have positive immunity demonstrated by titer as listed above. Re-vaccination is required if titers are negative, and then titer testing repeated.
    Please contact Amelia.hinchliffe@uconn.edu with health compliance questions.
    Students who fail to provide written documentation that they have met the above stated health requirements will not be allowed to start in the program. Faculty reserve the right to recommend a student’s withdrawal from the program for reasons of health.
  • A criminal background check and drug testing are required. Fingerprinting may also be required


The CEIN/BSpre-licensure program consists of 45 credits of clinical and related didactic experiences. This program is completed in one calendar year of full-time study beginning each January. The program features problem-based teaching and learning and includes components of history, culture, setting data, clinical science, nursing science, independent-dependent-interdependent nursing actions, disease science, health care finance and ethics.


First semester (Spring)
NURS 4300– 3 credits: Pathopharmacology for Nursing Practice
NURS 4304 – 12 credits: Health Assessment and Fundamentals of Nursing PRAXIS

Second semester (Summer)
NURS 4301– 3 credits : Concepts & Theories of Nursing Practice
NURS 4414 – 4 credits: Theory & Nursing Practice for Behavioral Health
NURS 4424 – 4 credits :Theory & Nursing Practice Perinatal-Women’s Health
NURS 4434 – 4 credits: Theory & Nursing Practice for Child Health

Third semester (Fall)
NURS 4305 – 3 credits: Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice
NURS 4544 – 3 credits: Theory & Nursing Practice for Community Health
NURS 4554 – 8 credits: Theory & Nursing Practice for Acutely Ill Adults


Upon successful completion of the pre-licensure sequence students:

  • will be awarded a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, in addition to the post-baccalaureate certificate;
  • will be qualified to take the NCLEX exam; and
  • may apply to the graduate school and the masters program.

Admission and Enrollment Services is located at:

The School of Nursing
Augustus Storrs Hall, Room WW17
231 Glenbrook Road
Storrs, CT 06269-4026

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You can reach us by:

Phone: (860) 486-3716
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Email: Heatherspo@uconn.edu or visit Admission and Enrollment Services

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