Bachelor of Science (BS)


Program Description

Graduates of the University of Connecticut School of Nursing undergraduate program are liberally educated with a strong background in the humanities and sciences. Students spend their first four semesters acquiring these building blocks of knowledge. Upon admission, students are assigned a faculty advisor who assists them in planning their course of study. Most of the nursing courses are concentrated in the second half of the program. College laboratories facilitate the transfer of knowledge from theory to actual practice. The multimedia laboratory offers the student the opportunity to view a variety of videos dealing with theoretical knowledge, as well as technical skills and procedures.

In the simulated laboratory students learn and practice physical assessment skills. In the last four semesters students have their clinical experiences in a variety of settings. The School of Nursing is affiliated with approximately 60 to 70 health care agencies within a 50-mile radius of the Storrs campus. These include hospitals such as the UConn Health Center, schools, day care centers, housing for the elderly, extended care facilities, community health agencies, ambulatory centers, and clinics. In addition to being with patients in the clinical setting, time is devoted to conferences with instructors and peers to discuss patient care experiences.

In the clinical areas, students are placed in small groups which are guided by expert nurse faculty. Upon successful completion of the curriculum, students receive a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from the University of Connecticut and are eligible to take the licensure examination. Educated to be generalists, new graduates of this program work as beginning level practitioners in the broad spectrum of health care agencies. Each graduate has the necessary background for admission to graduate school.

Marianne Snyder, PhD, MSN, RN, Assistant Professor
Director, Pre-Licensure Program


The purpose of the undergraduate program is to prepare beginning practitioners of professional nursing who embody professional values and who integrate scholarship, sensitivity, and skill in the science and art of nursing. The Bachelor of Science degree is the foundation upon which advanced education and practice are based.


The objectives of the undergraduate program are:

  • Synthesize knowledge from the arts, sciences , humanities, and the discipline of nursing into the practice of nursing.
  • Demonstrate professional comportment and related skills needed to practice safely, artfully, responsibly and accountably within caring, legal, ethical and professional parameters
  • Evaluate personal systems in relation to those values espoused by the profession at large.
  • Design, organize and/or deliver and continuously improve safe health care for individuals, families and/or community using health information technology and all ways of knowing.
  • Demonstrate initiative and self-direction generated by a spirit of inquiry with integrity.
  • Compassionately address human, fiscal and physical resource demands for provision of high value health care with teamwork and collaboration
  • Formulate and articulate a philosophy of nursing that incorporates praxis, caring and knowing.
  • Collaborate with appropriate stakeholders to advocate for and to optimize the health of all members of society by responding to emerging health care challenges.
  • Think, reason, and select or partner for the creation of evidenced-based solutions to address variations in health and health care as experienced by individuals and groups.
  • Integrate research methods to support best current evidence, clinical expertise, and patient/family preferences and values in order to deliver optimal patient-centered health care.


The first four semesters of the curriculum provide the building blocks of knowledge in the arts, humanities and the sciences, and also provide a foundation for entry into the Junior-Senior curriculum. Upon admission, students are assigned a faculty advisor who assists them in planning their course of study to meet the requirements of the nursing major. The Scholastic Standing Requirements can be found on the School of Nursing page in the general catalog.

Sample Curriculum.pdf

Most of the nursing courses are concentrated in the second half of the program. The nursing major includes courses providing the theoretical foundation of the discipline of nursing, research, and clinical application.

Nursing Section of the University Catalog

Admission Requirements and Academic Standards Applicants to the undergraduate program must meet the requirements for admission to the University of Connecticut as well as to the School of Nursing.

A summary of these admission requirements is described in the University Catalog.

School of Nursing Admission Requirements

In addition to the general University requirements, School of Nursing applicants must have completed at least 15 secondary school units in college preparatory work.

Included must be:

  • English (4years
  • Algebra (2years)
  • Chemistry with a laboratory (1year)
  • Physics course (high school or college)
  • History (1year)
  • Additional – History or a Social Science (1year)
  • Single Foreign Language (2 years)
    (Three years of the same Foreign Language is strongly recommended. Students with two years in the same Foreign Language will be required to complete one year of intermediate study in the language at the University, in effect, either extending the program an additional year or utilizing summer school).

UConn students who want to apply to change their major please review our FAQ’s.pdf
Then complete the Petition application.pdf.

Applications are accepted from November 1st to February 1st each year for admission for the following fall. A motivational statement is required from all applicants stating why they wish to change to nursing.

For more specific information, go to the University Catalog.

For further instructions on changing your major, view the PowerPoint.pdf.

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