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Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


The School of Nursing
Augustus Storrs Hall
231 Glenbrook Road
Storrs, CT 06269-4026

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Press Information

Kristen Cole
UConn Director of News & Editorial Communications (available after hours)
P: (860) 486-2997
Please do not contact for admissions questions or for marketing information.


Admission and Enrollment Services

(Undergrad & Grad)

Pam Cartledge
Enrollment Services Coordinator

Heather Spottiswoode
Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator

Lindsay Darcy
Academic Advisor

Office of External Affairs

Madeline Ceruti
Alumni Affairs, UConn Foundation

Kristen Cole
UConn Director of News & Editorial Communications
For press information, please contact after hours.
(860) 486-2997

Office of the Dean

Deborah Chyun

Angela Starkweather
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Xiaomei Cong

Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship

Mark Lazenby

Associate Dean for Faculty and Student Affairs

Thomas Van Hoof

Director of Teaching and Learning

Cathie Salai
Executive Assistant/Assistant to the Dean

Amelia Hinchliffe
Contracts and Clinical Compliance

Linda Carlin
Administrative Services Specialist - Assistant Deans

Jaime Chase
Administrative Services Assistant

Office of the Financial Management

Constance Bedan
Fiscal Manager

Jill Finley
Financial Assistant II

Sarah Virkler
Financial Assistant I

Center for Nursing Scholarship & Innovation

Thomas Van Hoof

Director of Teaching and Learning

Tiffany Kelley

DeLuca Foundation Visiting Professor for Innovations and New Knowledge in Nursing

Ivy Alexander

Clinical Professor

Sandra Bellini

Clinical Professor

Stephen J. Walsh
Associate Professor

Tom L. Long

Elise Bennett
Program Manager, Nursing Research

Robin Wane
Program Assistant

Clinical Coordinator

Clinical Learning Simulation Center

Carrie Eaton
Director of Simulation-Based Education

Roston Kirk
Simulations Operations Specialist

Development Inquiries

Becky Salustri
Director of Development

Dolan Collection

Tom L. Long
Curator, Dolan Collection


Bachelor's Program

Marianne Snyder
Pre-Licensure Program Director

Judith Vigneau
Administrative Services Specialist

Master's Program

Ivy Alexander
Clinical Professor

Bethany Grabowski
Program Coordinator

Honors Program

Deborah McDonald
Associate Professor

Accelerated Pre-Licensure (CEIN/BS)

Nancy Manister
CEIN/BS Program Director

RN to MS

BS to PhD

E. Carol Polifroni
PhD Program Director

Community Health

Adult Acute Care

Kristin Bott
Assistant Professor and Adult/Gero Acute Care Track Director

Adult Primary Care

Ivy Alexander
Clinical Professor and Director, Advanced Practice Programs

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Sandra Bellini
Clinical Professor, and Director, Neonatal Advanced Practice Program

Family Nurse Practitioner

Annette Jakubisin-Konicki
Associate Clinical Professor and Director, Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Joy Elwell
Associate Clinical Professor, Director, DNP Program & Coordinator


E. Carol Polifroni
PhD Program Director

Other Programs

Education Abroad

Christine DiLeone
Assistant Clinical Professor